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Rock and blues may be an expression of a way of life, at all they are fascinating styles and music appeal to the mind and soul. Authentic and played in the tradition of the creative 60s and 70s Grateful Life with its repertoire to this period of recent music history. Combining in their own style rock, blues, country and even psychedelic together.

The inspirations are supported by british and american blues rock legends e. g. The Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Neil Young and others. Selected songs of music from Woodstock and Flower Power Era musically revived by their own interpretation and  enriched with  original  compositions like Deep In The Heart or Just For You.


After changing formations in 2015 a new Grateful Life emerged as a classic power trio:

Fritz Mursch - vocals, guitar

Uwe Köhler - drums

Michael Tielemann - bass

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